This planet we are on is deeply important to us, over the past few years Georgina has been taking steps to reduce her impact on the planet both in her personal life, and in this business.

We take the environmental impact of both our products and packaging very seriously. We choose manufacturers based in the UK, who use sustainable practices as much as possible. 


Our paper products are manufactured in the north east of the UK using FSC certified renewable paper, are all recyclable, and a lot of our products are also made using recycled paper too. While we try to have our products manufactured with recycled material as much as possible, certain products cannot be made using recycled paper.

Our art prints, due to the paper needing to be of sufficient quality to withstand being hung on a wall for years to come, cannot use recycled material. However, by manufacturing to this standard we ensure that they will stand the test of time and retain their integrity for up to 100 years without fading.

Our greetings cards and postcards are manufactured using a material called TruCard, which is durable while still being recyclable, biodegradable and chlorine free.

Our paper products manufacturer not only produces our products as sustainably as possible, they also are ISO 14001 certified, meaning they are monitored and certified in how they manage their waste and efficiently use resources. they're a zero to landfill site.

Our mugs are manufactured in the UK by a chap called Gary. They print each mug by hand, and ship it to us using carbon neutral shipping in eco friendly packaging. We reuse that packaging to send it on to you, rather than wasting resources on fancy display boxes that we know you won't keep.

Our tote bags are printed in house, using eco friendly water based inks, and printed on 100% recycled cotton totes. Cotton has a huge impact on the environment as it is resource expensive to grow per item. Organic cotton has an even greater impact. For this reason we decided that using recycled cotton was the way forward, and all of our totes proudly bear a label saying so.

All of our original artwork is made using 100% cotton watercolour paper, and either ink or watercolour. Our ink is pigment and water based rather than acrylic, which gives it longevity, while not being as harmful for the environment 9and allows it to be used in a fountain pen!). We use watercolours from a range of companies, Sennellier, Schmincke, Daniel Smith and others. Watercolour is the most sustainable form of paint, as so little is needed, and it doesn't contain harmful toxins like acrylic and oil.


We choose our packaging suppliers carefully for their eco credentials. Our main suppliers are EcoCraft and Priory Direct, with some smaller suppliers needed for our glassine products.

Each order arrives with a bookmark that details how to safely dispose of all packaging, but here is a breakdown for you:

 Envelopes/Board envelopes All of our envelopes are made from recycled paper or card and are recyclable in your paper/card recycling bin at home. If you compost, they also make for great browns!
Boxes All of our cardboard boxes are sustainably made, and are able to be recycled or composted.
Stickers Printed on recycled paper, free from harmful BPA, and can be safely recycled when stuck to paper or card.
Packing paper 100% recycled from post consumer waste, acid free and recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.
Cellophane Bags We try not to use cellophane as much as possible, but when we do it is made from potato starch and is compostable
Glassine Bags Though glassine feels coated, it is actually highly compressed paper, and can be recycled (or repurposed, they look fab in journals!)
Paper Tape Made from renewable resources, recyclable and free from animal products, our tape is compostable too.
Backing Boards Made from FSC certified or recycled cardboard pulp, they are great for modelling, but can be recycled or composted too.
String Made from 100% cotton and perfect for repurposing or recycling
Cards All included cards, bookmarks, note cards and business cards are made from recycled and recyclable uncoated cardstock.