The Librarian is the brainchild of part time Designer-Maker Georgina Carr.

Georgina is a lover of worlds captured in paper and ink. Being a voracious reader since a very young age (her Mum says learning to read early is the best thing that ever happened, as she also didn't like to sleep very much at night!) Georgina has vivid memories of sitting in her bunk bed (top bunk) and reading by the glow of the streetlight outside her bedroom window. Tucked up in a hundred-acre wood duvet, with A.A. Milne's characters adorning the walls, she escaped on adventures with Winnie-the-Pooh, ventured up the Magic Faraway Tree, and tried to make conversation with her cat, William, as if he was Tom Kitten.

As she grew older she was always fascinated by the way that wear and tear on a book showed the journey it has been on. The tears and creases that being plucked from her bookshelf, carried around in a school bag, or read while walking around in all weathers imprinted on the spine meant it was so very easy to see exactly which of her books were the most treasured.

No matter how carefully you try not to "break the spine" a book you truly love will age with repeated readings, and with that age the book becomes part of your story.

Those moments in time that define the plot points of our lives are often linked to the books we are reading at the time. Whether it was the first time Georgina took on Agatha Christie (The Mystery of the Blue train, stolen from her Mum's bookcase one night when she had "run out" of her own books), or first expressed frustration at Kathy in Wuthering Heights (in the hammock in her parents garden during sixth form study leave, she threw it at the plum tree!) we can often remember the books, stories and characters that we were reading at pivotal moments in our lives, and Georgina believes that means those books are worth preserving in illustrated form so that even when the book has fallen apart to the point it can no longer be read, you can still be reminded of the may hours you enjoyed in the company of your favourite characters. 

All of tGeorgina's artwork is carefully drawn or painted in the peace and sanctity of Georgina's studio in rural Lincolnshire, that's the bit of England above Norfolk and cuddled by Yorkshire, and are lovingly packaged and sent to you to treasure.



Georgina is for most of her day a real life librarian, with real life books, and she has amassed quite a large library of her own too. She is admittedly a bit stingy about loaning those out though!

She lives with her cat Bertie, who is chief chair stealer when in the studio, and her partner James, who is a bit of a car nut, in a house full of books where the tea is always brewing and there is always a sweet treat in the kitchen.

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How did you decide on the name of your business?

I'm a real life librarian. My day job surrounds me with lovely books managing the digital side of my local library service.

What camera do you use?

I've used a variety of cameras over the years, currently I use an Olypus OMD EM10 and an iPhone 12

Do you do PR work/Accept items for review?

I do create PR content and accept samples for review, but only for items or services that i think will actually be something I will like or that my audience will like. For more information use the contact us page to get in touch.

Where do you live?

I live in Lincolnshire, a pretty massive county that spans the space between Norfolk and Yorkshire. I grew up here, moved away for Uni and then came back and love it here.

Can you draw my house/pet/wedding venue?

I limit commissions to books generally as I am restricted on time due to balancing my day job and my business, but if I do have commissions open of another sort you will find them in the commissions section of my shop.