So, I'm taking the plunge! 

I'm finally sharing that I am on Patreon! I've had this Patreon page set up in various forms for well over a year and never took the plunge to finish it, start sharing content, and make it live, but now I have. 

Patreon, if you don't know what im talking about, is a site where you can pay a membership fee to access exlusive content. It's a great way to support your favourite creators to make a consistent income and for me it will help me be able to continue to invest time into my business, both my shop, youtube channel and social media platforms. I'm hoping with Patreon to be able to invest in equipment, develop new lines of products, and create more video content for you all.

What I'm most excited about is having a space where I can feel safe and create a community. I find other social media platforms a bit too open to really discuss what is happening in my life, the plans i have for my business, the products im working on. I also really want to be able to discuss which books I should illustrate next, and talk about a love of reading in a way that I feel like other platforms are too one sided for. 

I have 4 tiers to choose from.

  • The Borrower tier is for those of you who just want to lend some support and see some behind the scenes info, but don't really want products. I share what I'm working on and you will get to see it.
  • The regular reader is for those who want a little more, I'll be sharing a monthly newsletter where i share what i've been up to, what im reading, watching, baking etc. I'll also be creating exclusive videos for this tier, so if you want to see more vlogs or behind the scenes content or Q&A's, this is where to go!
  • The Book Worms is the part that I desperately wanted to set up Patreon for, and the main reason I have wanted to make one for so long. The Book Worms is our book club! Each month you will get to pick a book to read the following month, and I'll illustrate the spine and create a bookmark for you too!
  • Apprentice Librarian's is for the real book lovers, in this tier you'll get to help shape where my art is going, which books i'll be drawing next, really helping me curate the library. As a thank you, apprentices recieve a postcard with the latest book spine on. 

Did I mention you can also get a 15% off discount to my shop too? 

If you would like to sign up, you can do so here: I can't wait to see you over there!

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