So another thing to blog about :) It is official, I am a domestic goddess...or rather Rachel Allen is. One of my many loves is afternoon tea, I love going to tea rooms and having scones and little sandwiches with a posh tea service, so much so as a teenager I reallllly wanted my own tea service and managed to get one for my birthday when I was 17. However, I have been plagued by an affliction which has always hampered my plans for this at home. You see, although I can bake lots of lovely things, I have never been very good at scones, they always come out only about 1.5cm tall, no matter how little I handle the dough and how fat I roll it out. Always dense and like overgrown pancakes. Until now...

Look!! HOW amazing are those! They're really fat, and they aren't small in diameter either, they are real scones, really fluffy inside, perfecto!

They were so pretty i had to take a picture with cream and jam, just beautiful. I am so so proud of them. So here is the recipe I used, it is from Rachel Allen's Bake book but I got it from here. I also added a few handfuls of sultanas to the mix as hers didn't call for any. Obviously such lovely scones called for cream tea, with my china tea cup, but not with the plates and tea pot etc as thats too much hassle when it is just me :) Yum.

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