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I'm not sure that you will really be aware, but in October last year I had a major allergic reaction, we still aren't sure what caused it, probably a virus, but it was possibly one of the scariest moments of my life. I have been allergic to many things in my time, but I have never had such a bad reaction that I couldn't take a high dose of fast acting anti-histamine tablets and sit in pain for a bit while it goes away. Repeated trips to A + E so that they could hook me up to a nebuliser were scary.

The upshot of it all is that they discovered I am also severely asthmatic, I was probably a little asthmatic before and it made everything crazy worse, the downside? I really struggle with anything strenuous now without having to grab for my inhaler, exercise has never felt this hard.

I tried to do some light jogging, can't do it, I am trying out pilates and yoga in a bid to see if it will help me to regulate my breathing, but that doesn't feel like I'm doing enough, so I have taken to wandering around the countryside near me like a stray, camera slung around my neck to capture odd little moments. I am sure my neighbours wonder what on earth I am doing as there is no dog in tow (practically unheard of, maybe I should put Bertie on a lead to give them the giggles), but it has thus far been fun.

I get to really empty my mind after a day at work and appreciate the wonder that is nature unfolding around me. Something about the peace and quiet makes the stresses of my new condition disappear, and I can concentrate on improving my health, rather than worrying.

One less stress to bear is always a good thing. :)

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