Top Pout: Chanel Rouge Noir

Now I have to admit I was pretty sure winter would have slipped away by the time I got this post up, and I really didn't want it to have as for me this is the ultimate winter lipstick. chanelrougenoir Chanel Rouge Coco in Rouge Noir is a beautiful deep berry shade that looks positively terrifying in the bullet, but can be used a multitude of different ways to make sure that you get plenty of use out of that twenty-odd quid lipstick.  I picked this up about a year ago along with Clinique Black Honey after watching Lisa Eldridge do a video on dark lipstick (which she has since reshot with a Tom Ford shade). The way she used just one deep dark lipstick in so many different ways to create a multitude of looks completely appealed to me, and the fact that it was Chanel sent me straight to the nearest counter. In the picture above I shown it worn three ways, the top is the lipstick alone, over a lipbalm which is providing an extra glossy finish.  This is the way I wear this shade for a special occasion, and I did post an OOTD/FOTD sort of post a while back when I was going to a party where I wore this. I find that when combined with fair skin and dark hair the colour gives that luxe vampish look, without looking like you regularly listen to heavy metal (to use an awful stereotype).  It looks absolutely grown up, it may just be because of the packaging and the feeling that evokes, but I feel more grown up when I wear it too.  I haven't done so in the picture above as I wanted to give an accurate swatch, but when I do wear this in its full capacity for colour I use the Clinique Plummy Quickliner for Lips to ensure it lasts the whole night without sliding all over. The second picture is me wearing the shade as a stain, deeply pushed into the lines of the lips but not layered thickly to create the deeper shade, this simply makes me look as if I have been eating winter berries and is a much more wearable day look for me. As it is staining the lips it doesn't take a huge amount of touching up, though again I recommend a good lipbalm as it can cling to flakes when worn this way. Finally I am showing the stain method topped with a gloss, and my favourite to pair with Rouge Noir is Mac's Oyster Girl. I would wear this over the shade be it worn as a stain or a full on berry lip, as its silvery lilac shimmer softens the brown in the colour and instantly makes it a bit more wearable (browner shades are not good on me, nuh-uh!). I will also note that I do also use this as a blush as Lisa instructed, and it was what first got me into trying cream blushers! A pricey lipstick, but definitely worth the splurge xo :)
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