To Arthur!

As many of you may have seen on the telly and around the towns, today is the 250th anniversary of the founding of Guinness. I actually had to be reminded by my (Irish) boyfriend today, I knew it was coming up but not which day, so I promptly sent the home delivery wagon (Dad) to go and fetch me a can. Not as good as the real thing, and I wish I was in Dublin (though mainly because I miss the Irish boyfriend a lot.) I have had a love affair with this drink for many years, since about the age of 13 I think (I am 21, that is a long time for me!) and I have had many happy times drinking it. Several funny occasions that I can recall are the response from men much older then me when I was 13/14 of: "a GIRL drinking Guinness?! And only 14!!!" Also many a time at college parties where a pint was drunk in one as a party trick in order to use as a bargaining chip, "I will only do it if you do..." (this one was really rather fun). I had a hiatus from the drink while at university, mainly because of a bad incident with some Bacardi, I am happily sitting enjoying a pint now though, reminiscing about my youth, which while not really over yet, I feel the most outrageous parts are definitely behind me. I feel much more grown up nowadays (today I was a little miffed I couldn't join an over 55's dinner at the community centre). So today, I would like to join the millions of others to say "To Arthur" thank you for many wonderful memories :)

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