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Coming to you really late this week, mainly because I spent yesterday evening and this morning before work making cupcakes (Guinness ones). We have a tradition at work where whenever someone has a birthday they bring in cake, and me being me I can't just buy mine. I'm sure you're thinking 'but your birthday was Saturday?!' well I wasn't in the office most of the week so it became a Friday treat, and enjoyed they were!

This week has been an odd one, the weather has been a bit miserable, and as I say I haven't been in the office much, I had a meeting in Nottingham and got lost in the city centre on Tuesday, and yesterday worked from home because they were working on the lighting in the office and I knew that if I worked on a computer in darkness for 3 hours I would get a migraine. My week has also been one of shoes, I bought two new pairs from Clarks's summer range and I absolutely LOVE them both. They feel very like me, slightly quirky but fairly traditional none the less.

Here is what has made me smile this week:

- That feeling of relief when you find your car when you have been completely lost trying to find the car park. Those few seconds before I set off home were ones of saying "Phew!"

- Discovering brilliant new Indie shops, there will be a feature on my favourite places in Lincoln coming your way very soon.

- Coming home to a cup of tea ready and waiting, James is a good un!

- Tiny pink paw pads, that are still so dinky even though Bert is almost one year old (!!)

- Waking up and realising that I had actually managed to have a lie in on my birthday, this never happens, I always wake up early even when I don't have to.

- Florence, my bicycle, and the joy that is riding her around the village with James. I simply could not keep the grin from my face last weekend, wind in my hair, wheels spinning and brakes squeaking, it was jolly good fun.

- Ikea, just Ikea, it is amazing.

- Regressing to my childhood with a bag of Jazzie's chocolates (milk not white) from the sweetshop. I keep popping just one at a time in my mouth and savouring the memories it brings back.

- Feeling loved and welcome at dinner with James's family on Sunday, his sister whipped up a brilliant feast and nearly made me cry when she produced a birthday cake she had made herself and which was designed to look like a book. It was brilliant, and I am so proud that she gave baking a go, I really cannot describe how happy that moment made me <3

This weekend I will be:

Reading: The Girl on the Train. Everyone else keeps going on about it and I only got half way through before I had to give it back at work, so I am going to see how it ends.

Doing: Curling up in my new chair and reading a book with a blanket, as I wish the rain would go away!

Eating: Yet more cake, there is a still rather a lot around the house.

Listening: To the Throwback Thursday playlist on Spotify, it brings back so many memories of my youth.

What will you be up to this weekend?

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