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Coming at you live from my desk eating peanut butter toast while having another sneaky day off work today, yay for extra long long weekends!

So far this Friday consists of breadmaker bread making,  vats of banana bread making (five bananas!!), and lots of kitten fuzzles (fyi, kitten is only going to be a kitten for like two more weeks! He is one the first week in June).

This weekend should be full of twirly skirts, vintage cars, pub lunches and family catch up's. I cannot wait. I hope you have a great one too!

Here is this week's happies in a nutshell:

- Cycling back home on Saturday into a headwind and making it all the way home, James was ready with the truck in case I was defeated but I kept going and simply took my time. It felt so good to achieve that little milestone.

- The two hour nap that Bert and I took once I had completed the item above, I said I completed it, not that I did it without being knackered!

- Catching up with old friends, discussing news and events and houses and such, there is really nothing lovelier.

- The pure bliss I felt when I floated out of the treatment room in the spa on Monday, my friend and I had treated ourselves to the day and I was hella nervous! I had such a lovely time and felt so stress free afterwards.

- The Boden skirt I ordered was originally delayed, but it has arrived! It is quite possibly the summeryest thing I own, it reminds me of an ice cream parlour :)

- My incredibly supportive little team at work, they make stressful days feel so much better and I am eternally grateful.

- Bert will now venture off the deck! He has turned into a little explorer!

- The beautiful flowers that are beginning to bloom on my succulent, I had no idea that it was a blooming plant, and I feel a bit dumb admitting that, but they are so pretty.

This weekend I will be:

Reading: Girl on the Train, I will finish it this weekend, I will!!

Doing: Hopefully catching up with my little sis as she flies to the U, S of A on Friday, and I won't see her until we meet up in Florida in August! (OH MY GOD so excited, finally feels like it isn't that far off now!)

Eating: Copious amounts of banana bread now that all of the birthday cake is finally gone.

Hope you all have a great time this bank holiday! :)

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