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Hello all, hope you are all well. Yet another funny week this week, I have been all over the place since last Friday, and had a trifecta of technology issues. My Ice cream maker started leaking coolant (my local cookshop were brill and replaced it immediately) The Dyson man came to fix the hoover and couldn't so has had to take it away so the house is covered in cat hair, and I cracked my phone screen, twice in 6 months after 2 whole years of never breaking it once!! Not good.

On the plus side I have been on some lovely adventures, acquired some lovely new things and I am off on another one today for work. I am heading to Peterborough today to meet up with my chartership mentor, so a bit of a drive, but then I get to look round what I think will be a fascinating library, one for the blind, so I am looking forward to that.

Here is what has made me happy this week:

- I upgraded my camera, there's nothing wrong with my Olympus, and it is fantastic for being unobtrusive, but it isn't a big boy camera. I want to have the option of a full DSLR if I need it. I talked the chappy in London Camera Exchange into a pretty steep discount too so I am calling it my bargain camera!

- I worked from home on Tuesday and James popped back for his lunch, it was lovely to see him mid way through the day unexpectedly :)

- Bert is now a proper goes outside cat! We have ordered him a cat flap, and his favourite place to go is down the side of the garage where he can look through the hedge to the lane and bird watch.

- I had a great day on Monday, my Mum, sister and I popped to Stamford. We decided to do Burghley another day as the weather wasn't great and we wanted to explore the grounds, and instead pottered around the lovely little shops there. I restrained myself in The White Company, so I was proud.

- It was James' sister's birthday on Tuesday and we celebrated with a big BBQ on Monday evening, it was good to sit around with brilliant food and chat with everyone. My favourite type of meal is a relaxed one.

- Hope and Greenwood Cherry vanilla Chocolate coated Marshmallows. I will say no more.

- Cycling down the road to pick up some fresh Duck eggs from the farm. I am really getting into just hopping on my bike and pedalling around, soon the villagers will say oh there goes the crazy woman in the yellow coat!

- The flowers above are of the lone plant in our garden that isn't vegetables. It was already there when we moved in and I was going to rip it up because it looked dead, but it has flowered so beautifully this year I am definitely going to keep it.

And This weekend I will be:

  Doing : Relaxing Hopefully! It has been a busy old month, but we are heading to the vintage day at the Tailgate in Lincoln tomorrow.

Eating : The smaller of the two tubs of Rhubarb and Custard Ice Cream I made last weekend that has crystallised a little bit, I think I let it melt too much before putting it in the freezer. Oh Well! Here is hoping the other tub was a success.

Reading  : Something new! I have finished Girl on the Train, I think I will maybe review it as I don't have an immediate love or hate for it. I think I will now read something terribly fluffy though to lighten the mood a bit.

Wishing : God speed to Tonia, little sis, who is flying to New Jersey today to be a councillor at an american day camp for a few months, she is going to be taking pictures and handling social media, good luck kiddo!!

I hope you all have a brilliant weekend and the weather stays nice for us!

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