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A bumper this week for you today as I missed last friday. The past two weeks have been one word, hectic!

I am sort of in the eye of the storm for the big project I have been working on, half way there and the past few days have been all about getting ready for the next leg, which i know if going to be super tiring.


At home I have been working on something new. I have always been a stationery nerd, I have mentioned my filofax and how much I love it to blog plan before. I have always made my own inserts, but recently I have branched into making my own decorative stickers too. I have been ordering them online for ages and the shipping from the states is extortionate, ten packs of stickers from Etsy actually covers the cost of my die cutting machine alone! I finally made my first sheet with the correct cutting settings last night and I am so proud!

James went galavanting last week, he was at Le Mans with work as his boss was in the legends race. It was the first time we have been apart for more than a night since we moved in together and it was honestly weird. I found myself not realising what time it was, and missing the company quickly. He had a great time, came back lobster red, and it was an experience not many get to have so for a huge Le Mans fan it was a dream for him.


Here are a few things that have made me happy this fortnight:


- Ice cream, and fruit smoothies, I got a box of 7 mangoes for £4 last weekend from Sainsbury's, my freezer is overflowing!


- High fives after a job well done, teamwork really is so satisfying and I have one of the best teams around.


- James walking back through the door after being away, just sitting down with a cup of tea and updating each other about all that had happened, I missed him so.


- Bert looking out his little door at the outside world, he is convinced it is a window just the right hight for him.


- My Mum inviting me around for tea after James had been gone a few days. It was so nice to spend a bit of Mum - daughter time, and we had fish and chips!!


- Waking up to find my sourdough starter bubbling away. Post to come soon!


- Driving over the Humber Bridge on Sunday, I have never driven over before and it really is a beautiful little drive.


- Doodling, if I thought mindful adult colouring was fun, its nothing on doodling my own little designs and then sticking them in my diary. My next challenge is to draw a teacup, not as simple as it sounds!


- Admiring everything in the summer sales, I am on a no spend now until my holiday in August, all I am allowed to buy is things I will need, like shorts. Summer dresses are not really suited to rollercoasters.



This weekend I will be:

Reading: Lots and Lots, I have been invited to be on the panel for something and have 5 proofs sat waiting to be devoured.

Listening : James Bay, can't get enough of him!

Watching: The Good Wife, Mum and I started it when I went round for tea and I am hooked! Thanks for the heads up Rosie!

Eating: BBQ, Please hold up English weather!!

How has your fortnight been? Have you done anything fun? Let me know in the comments :)

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