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Hello everyone, happy Friday!


Friday this week is sort of lost on me, as I decided on Wednesday to take the rest of the week off. I had accrued a lot of time in lieu working on my big project, and it is now pretty much complete (Yay!!) so as exhaustion was about to hit I decided I needed to have a bit of a break. So today feels like Sunday, hope you all had a great weekend! ;)


These two days have been invaluable though, I got to claim back some much needed sleep, work on a few home things that needed doing (my mangetout are out of control, they needed reigning back in big time!) and it gives me a chance to get back into my blog schedule. I have so many food posts coming your way over the next few weeks you would be forgiven for thinking that all I do is eat, I also have a couple of fun days out I documented that I want to share too.



So without further ado, here are a few of the best moments of this past week:



- Saturday night BBQ's with friends (though we missed those who couldn't join us) ending in s'mores made with homemade graham crackers.



- The combination of exhaustion and exhilaration I felt Tuesday when all the boxes were packed, labelled and lined up to come back to my office, I cannot explain it, except that if you have ever moved house it is fairly similar.



- Baby kittens Olive and Daisy, who I met last night and was too busy cuddling to take pictures of, they are adorable and now I want to get Bert a friend.



- The first ripened strawberry from my plants, I was so excited to see it, and since I plucked this little guy from the stem more have ripened too! A large vat of cream is in order.



- The bunch of flowers waiting for me when I got home Tuesday, James never fails to surprise me.



- Whizzing up homemade hollandaise in the blender for poached eggs on muffins. Breakfast of kings.



- All the lovely new Bloglovin followers, hello, and welcome!



This weekend I will be:

Reading: Blog posts, time for catch up and comment time!

Listening: I'm a little obsessed by the new song by The Weekend, he sounds exactly like Michael Jackson and I am baffled every single time I hear it.

Doing: Possibly a visit to Lincoln Cathedral, definitely more bike rides.

Hope you all have a great weekend, lets hope the weather holds out and stays glorious!

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