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It is Friday and I am so glad to see the weekend this week!

It has been a particularly good one, I have to say. I have had a couple of projects at work really move along, and it is so satisfying to see all of the hard work come together.

Here are a few things that have brought a smile to my face this week, and how I will be spending my weekend.

- Monday's bank holiday and the first barbecue using the barbie that James's Mum and Dad kindly got us last year, we never got around to using it as the weather was never quite right, but it made this years early offering all the better.

- Doing the food shopping with my Mum, she is a complete enabler but always recommends the best tasting things!

-An evening stroll I took on Wednesday after work to try and wind down, I had intended just to wander to the next village and back but ended up walking over 5km! I have decided I want to make this a new thing, since discovering I have asthma my fitness has plummeted and this might be the way to improve it a bit.

-The first crack of the shell of an Easter egg. I held back for days from eating mine as I hadn't felt too great and just didn't feel like chocolate, my was the wait worth it.

- Correctly managing to code that archives button over there to make it toggle, a feature I have admired on so many other blogs and was desperate to have a go at once on wordpress because it isn't something I could make possible on blogger. It marks my first foray into coding javascript and I think I have been bitten by the bug! (if it doesn't work for you, your browser may have cached the page, it should refresh periodically)

- I got a back stage tour of the museum and gallery in Lincoln when we did some work there this week, including a trip up on to the roof of the Usher Gallery. We had to navigate some pretty steep ladders, and climb through a window or two but the views were worth the madness of it all.

Reading: Toast & Marmalade by Emma Bridgewater - Interesting little snippets of how setting up her business came about, so far I am fascinated.

Watching: The last episode of last season's Game of Thrones in preparation for new Season 5 on Monday!

Listening: The Archers Omnibus, I have never been a soaps person, but something about it being on the radio and being about country life has me hooked.

Eating: I have been meaning to bake a flavoured loaf, possibly sun dried tomato, and I think this may be the weekend to try it.

Doing: Buying lots of compost for my raised beds so that I can get planting!

I hope you have a great weekend, what will you be up to?

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