This Week #6

green-fingers-courgette green-fingers-courgette

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have all had a great week, mine has been a bit of a weird one as I have worked from home twice, it sorts of messes with my routine. I am really looking forward to this weekend, and have lots of things planned. I know I will realistically only tick a couple of them off my list, but at least that is progress.

I am really hoping the beautiful weather we have been having holds out as we have lots of gardening to do, and I hope to encourage Bert to venture outside, he is a little scaredy cat and prefers the comfort of his warm windowsill.

Here is what has made me smile this week:

- Sitting in traffic the other day waiting to get into Waitrose and observing the most adorable spaniel being lead across the road to the park, it was so happy to be going to play fetch and was literally bouncing on the spot, it couldn't sit still. I am desperate for a pooch and this just makes me want one even more.

- Seeing an old friend get married last weekend, it was a beautiful day and I couldn't help but get a bit blubby when I remembered how things used to be and how appalled her teenage self would be that she wore head to toe lace and rocked it ;)

- Iced Maple Machiatto's from Starbucks, they are my new favourite, sweeter than an iced latte but not crazy sweet like a caramel one, just delicious!

- Late night S'mores on the back deck, post to come this weekend.

-Cute little notebooks, perfect for jotting down ideas, and their tiny proportions just warm my heart.

- Air plants, and adding greenery to our living room in general. There has been something missing for a while in there, and I realised it needed more life so I added a couple of houseplants and a small army of air plants. I had to rescue one from Bertie's nibbling, but things are looking quite fresh and lovely.

This weekend I will be:

Reading: My Delicious magazine for this month, which I realised I haven't yet cracked open! Very unlike me!

Listening: Spotify!! I am way behind on this one, but I love that I can put on someone else carefully curated playlist and none of the songs jar me out o my mood because they all work together! (this never happens with my own, there is always a dud)

Eating: British strawberries, I have gone a bit mad and have three punnet in the fridge, and have all intention of whipping up eton mess, I may just eat them as they are though.

Doing: Planting those green shoots up the top into one of my raised beds, they are courgette that I have planted from seed, I can't wait until they start bearing pasta substitutes!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, what have you enjoyed most about this week?

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