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This week has been one of real achievements for me, I finally feel like I am ready to get back to "normal". I have a bank holiday weekend ahead of me, with little planned, but what is planned will be relaxing, fun and with friends. This is the life I have craved for the past two years and have been too busy worrying about to enjoy.


Here is what has made this week great...


- Making plans to see friends.

As I write this, the weather is beautiful and in a little less than an hour I am popping to my friend's house for a countryside walk and tea and cake afterwards. I love that I have friends that I can do these sorts of things with, friends who get that this is something I love and would like to share the experience with me.


- Gouache.

Finding a new painting medium to play with is like being given a brand new game as a kid. I want to explore its limitations and see what I can create all the time. Gouache is new to me, it is like a watercolour/acrylic hybrid, in that you add water but it stays opaque, and I am in love!


- Book recommendations

Getting new book recommendations is one of my favourite things, and when I got one in the middle of this week I decided to down tools, have an impromptu Lush bath (with butterbear FYI) and start reading, and a great decision it was to.

I am always in the market for book recommendations, so please feel free to share them below :)


- When my organisations skills are en point.

I am really reaping the rewards of spending a little time to prepare before jumping in feet first at the moment. I have a few things I am working on that are exciting but time consuming and taking the time to make lists and think about the process before i begin has been refreshing. I am ready for it!


- That fuzzy guy up there.

Bert never fails to bring a smile to my face, he has been the best decision we ever made, and although he keeps losing his collar far too regularly, he is my baby and can do no wrong. Except when he tries to steal the whipped cream from my hot chocolate, no-one touches my hot chocolate!


This weekend I will be:

Reading: Landline by Rainbow Rowell, the previously mentioned recommendation has me completely hooked!

Eating: The Pecan Pie Easter egg James brought home last night, he knows me so well.

Spending my time: Hopefully, Im making no concrete promises, blogging my adventures this bank holiday. Fingers crossed I don't chicken out!

Have a great Easter!

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