The Hat Monster

I absolutely LOVE this Ripley hat pattern, but I think currently it looks like a very grumpy monster! The pleats on the back of the hat which give it the cloche styling look like a downturned mouth, I will not however be using the sequins to turn it into a face with eyes.

Although it doesn't look like much this only took me a couple of hours on Sunday night and it isn't that far from being finished, there is one more pleat and then the crown decreasing. I think it will be done by tomorrow at the latest, and that is only if I get bored this evening. I didn't get any done yesterday because I fell asleep at 7.30pm and didn't wake up until 6.15am, half an hour late getting up for work, I still made it to the bus though. I treated myself to these yesterday:
I also got the super cool icing set from Lakeland that has squeezy bottles instead of piping bags, much better after considering my recent escapades where I managed to split 2 piping bags. Hopefully some time soon there will be more cupcakes to show, really nice ones, top of the queue is red velvet cupcakes :D

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