I am so proud!! This is my first ever turned heel!! :D :D I had so much fun doing this, it took longer then it should have because I had to rip out the amount of sock I had already done because it was too big, so I did it a size down and it was too small! Then I did it on larger needles and it's perfecto. I keep trying it on which i really shouldn't do, might damage the needles or something. I can't wait for it to be finished. I had to watch a few video's to try and understand how to do the strange pattern of which stitches to knit, and my heel seems to be very square when the video's I watched were more diamond shaped, i think that was because I was trying to do the pattern and the vid at the same time, it seems to work though! The striping is really not very good, but I don't mind, I know that really once I have mastered the sock I would rather use a block colour anyways, I am very much a block colour person, most of my clothing is block coloured. Tonight I shall be doing more charity knitting, christmas puds and my sister's scarf, the sock will have to wait until I have done a bit more for other peoples.

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