Sneaky Peek

Just a picture or two of the scarf that I am making involving the adaptation of the Bella's Mittens pattern. I have only done the rib at the moment because I started the actual pattern and had somehow managed to gain two stitches so i frogged it and have redone the rib, hopefully I shall have more to show tomorrow as I shall be knitting this while watching the new episode of Miss Marple on ITV this evening (I am a massive Agatha Christie fan, I have all her books). The pink one is mine, I'm making it on my new 5.5mm Swallow Casein needles from Loop. The purple is my sisters, I managed to convince her to do a little knitting the other day and as she wants a pair of the mittens I thought she should make herself the scarf to go with it :) One more picture, this time of the rice crispy cakes i made a couple of days ago and haven't had chance to blog about them. They are nice and scrummy, much better then the ones ready made on the new advert!
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