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Last weekend, Sunday to be exact, in the small window of time where the rain stopped and the sun finally showed itself for the day I ventured outside to plant some little seedlings I had bought weeks previously on a whim from Waitrose. I had picked up some beetroots, red cabbages, purple sprouting broccoli, and leeks, a few of our favourites around here.

They were looking a bit worse for wear as they had been sat on the deck for ages waiting for the planters to be made and filled. I took pity on them and finally introduced them to their new home in my veg boxes alongside my magnetite and courgettes. I am not sure if they will survive having had such a rough start to life, but so far all of the herbs I bought from Waitrose are actually doing far better than the ones from the garden centre!

Grow little veggies, grow. :)

P.S. The slate tags are also a Waitrose purchase, I bought a huge pile of them and use a chalk marker to label them up.

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