Picnics + pedals :: Spring in the Countryside

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Last weekend we had some quite nice weather in my little part of the world. The sun was shining but not too hot, it was a bit windy but pleasant and I had a fridge full of leftovers and snack food that needed eating.

We decided to picnic! Only in the garden, but a picnic it was, I loaded up my bicycle basket and spread out the rug James bought me for my birthday. We stored up some good old Vit D while supping lashings of Belvoir (pronounced Beaver, for anyone not from near Grantham) Ginger Beer, my favourite, and tucked into left over roast beef sarnies with  Blackbomber cheese and mustard mayo. Topping off the feast with sneaky cupcake sweet treats.

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Dress :: Boden  | Shoes :: Clarks

All made for great fuel for a ride around the countryside. I had been dying to pair these two new purchases together ever since I spotted them online. The bright summer shades are absolutely made to be worn on a summer day. The brogues are definitely summer brogues and I have had so many compliments already, they have little cut outs on the side, great for if you aren't into the whole midriff baring cut out trend. The dress, oh the dress, I have been swooning over this dress for months, It is the Seatown Shirt dress, and is exactly the classic sort of style I am all about at the moment. It's a linen mix, so light for summer, and beautifully fitted with a flare skirt, so looks very classic. I shall be wearing this often!

We pedalled to James' parents for me to have a look at a new addition to James' car collection, a beautiful new Beetle that I have promised I won't insist we keep, but guys, it is baby blue and cream, its going to be difficult!

Here's hoping we have many more weekends like this, because I have never enjoyed living in the countryside more.

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