NOTD: Princess' Rule on Alpine Snow

So I grabbed these two OPI polishes the other day on a little trip to Sally’s, I have wanted Alpine Snow for aaaages as having a pure white can come in handy so often when you need a good base in order to get a colour to pop. I had also heard how cute Princesses Rule is and thought they would look great together! I snapped pictures between each layer of the polish just to show you how they apply as that is always something I find difficult to gauge just from NOTD pictures, so basically the first picture in the slide show is one coat of Alpine snow, then a second coat. Then one coat of Princesses Rule over Alpine Snow, and then a second coat. They are thin-medium layers, and I was so impressed by that completely opaque second later of Alpine Snow let me tell ya! I feel the final picture doesn’t quite show off Princesses Rule to its full potential, but I took about 20 pictures trying to get a decent shot. It is such a soft shimmery pink that really looks sweet and adorable and would make a great everyday nail for if you don’t want a creme polish and want something a little more fun. The shimmer is so far from in your face I love it, it is a subtle pale gold, so pale I at first thought it was silver, but in the sunlight it is definitely gold. I think this is one of my new favourite combos (I have so many favourite’s, I should just make an album or something) and I shall definitely be wearing it again! xo
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