No, it isn't a collapsable Harry Potter broomstick...

Which was naturally my first thought when I spotted that this had arrived yesterday. Instead it is a set of these: Wires and t-pins for blocking my knitting, very handy! And also not that expensive, at £25 for lots of wires, a yard stick and 30 t-pins (I already have 30, and I ordered more, so I now have 90, enough?) I got them from the lovely Loop, which has changed bricks and mortar location and I cannot wait to get down to see it. All the posts I have read about the opening weekend said how lovely and light and airy the new shop is! Other new things are some lovely Noro Kureyon Sock in purples, I got this purely because I saw a beautiful Citron in this yarn and these shades and decided I wanted one for myself! And some Mirasol Miski in Coral, which is so softy baby llama but I think I need another skein to make a hat, so I shall be hunting that down. Other then that I have a new project on my needles, This is what I am calling the Bon Temps Marina, as it is knit in my Sookie Stackhouse superwash sock yarn from the Fresh From The Cauldron site. So far I have managed the first repeat of the second chart, and next I will be getting into the more complicated bits so it is sitting until I can give it my full attention. As you can see the colours of the yarn really work up nicely in this lace pattern, I originally started knitting a different pattern which had a block of stockinette at the top and I ripped it out because it looked awful, lace is definitely the way to go with this colourway. Also just a little thing, to keep track of my rows I fashioned this little dongle to pop on a bracelet with my row counter on, I am rather tempted to wear it as every day jewellery!

One last little thing which there may be more of soon, I gave crochet a go the other day, it isn't perfect but I was excited:

P.S. Thank you so much for the comments on my Damson, I wore it all day the other day and was mighty proud of myself :D

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