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I went shopping this weekend with my Mum and Sister for the first time in what feels like ages. It probably wasn't that long ago that we did go, but it felt nice, an impromptu trip around Lincoln that culminated in being rained on while we dashed back to the car park, oh April showers!

I picked up a few little things, along with a few from last month, and although I am not into hauling items I thought these made a nice little collection and I wanted to mention them. I also really shouldn't be buying things as it is my birthday on Saturday, but I couldn't resist.

- The Mindfulness colouring book  £7.99 - I picked this up in Waterstone's a little upset that they didn't have the ones I was really after. I think I have mentioned before but some things I just don't like to order online and I was really after the Secret Garden colouring book for grownups. We ended up finding that one in WHSmiths, so my mum bought me it for my birthday, but I am actually really glad I grabbed this mini colouring book. The patterns are interesting and lend themselves to creativity, I can't wait to spend a relaxing moment shading it in, plus I have always been that adult that filled in the colouring sheets way past an age where it was acceptable.

- Various bits of BareMinerals makeup - I have gone a bit Bare Minerals mad lately. I got a sample of the two bases pictured a couple of weeks ago and couldn't decide between the two, they are very different beasts, so I have ended up getting both over the past month. The bareSkin is definitely a foundation, and has build able coverage while looking very natural, it is what I have worn for recent date nights and days out. The Complexion Rescue is basically a tinted moisturiser and is what I've been wearing most days for evening out my skin tone, this stuff is crazy hydrating too! I also bought a new blusher, lord knows why as I have a load of them, but I had a makeover and I loved the way that this one just made me look awake and happy, it is in the shade "The One" and I am dead impressed, I'm pretty sure this alone could give you that Bare Minerals glow.

- The latest Alan Bradley book "As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust" on my Kobo - I was majorly disappointed this weekend that none of the bookshops in Lincoln had this in stock, or were planning on getting it. The Flavia de Luce mysteries are my new favourite and I have been waiting impatiently for this next instalment. I ended up getting it on my reader after having one of those lightbulb "oh hang on this is why I have a device where I don't have to wait for books" moments.

Flavia de Luce, in case you don't know is an 11 year old with far too much intelligence and far too little parenting. The novels are set in a quaint english village in the 1960's and have me completely hooked. This is one of those times where you really want to devour a novel but then you know you will have to wait ages for the next one.

- Naked Basics 2 eyeshadow palette - This has been on the cards for a while, I have majorly hit pan on the Soap and Glory palette of basic neutrals that I use everyday, and ever since this palette came out I have been eyeing it as the replacement. I splurged in Debenhams' sale this weekend and so far so good. The shadows are as buttery as I remember from Urban Decay, and I can guarantee I will use up every single one of the shades in this palette, which will be a first so makes it worth every penny if you ask me!

Have you treated yourself to any little bits and bobs lately?

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