Mr. Fawkes

5th November 2009

Dear Mr. Fawkes,

Thank you for attempting to blow up parliament, because I rather like the day we celebrate named in your honour, I really, really enjoy bonfire toffee and all the pretty fireworks. What a shame you didn't manage it, or that someone hasn't managed it today, maybe then we would get a better government put in place!! Georgina (age 21) Away from the digression, I really do love Bonfire night, this year I didn't manage to do anything because I get home from work exhausted and can barely spare the energy to knit, but today I got to watch out of the window at other people's celebrations and it was really nice. Tonight I shall be all relaxed and do some more charity knitting, the scarf is growing, I really need to start the second one though so I can get them sent off asap! I hope you are all enjoying your saturday night, whether partaking in some late bonfire celebrations or simply relaxing.

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