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If you follow any of my social media channels it will not come as a surprise to hear that I like coffee, I like it sweet and syrupy, I like it full bodied and artfully decorated, and I like it iced with whipped cream. I have built myself a little Sunday morning routine lately, it tends to be the day I do the most work on my shop and I like to get up early so that I can get plenty done. My first stop has become coffee, a steaming mug sweetened with a syrup or a drizzle, either brewed in my mocha pot or run through my fancy espresso machine. It has become a Sunday morning tradition.

I love my little Sunday routine, but I will be honest a few months ago I rarely drank coffee it didn't come in a branded cup. I am really picky, I hate instant coffee, even the fanciest brands just don't get it right when it comes to instant coffee (no offence to Littles, my go to for instant, it is probably our hard water that still makes it taste funky). I often would be too lazy to make proper coffee at home, I hadn't perfected the art of steaming my coconut milk just right, so I would simply go without, I classed myself as a tea drinker and that was that. When Beanies asked if I wanted to try their coffee, I thought i would give it a try but I didn't have high hopes, I didn't think it would make me a regular coffee drinker.

My ground coffee game changed the day I received my parcel. I am officially the girl that uses a cafetiere and takes up a whole shelf in the kitchen cupboard at the office, I wander back and forth with my little Bodum pot wafting amazing smelling real coffee around. This stuff was that good that i didn't care if it looked pretentious!

The flavour I got was Pecan Pie, I love pecan pie, this coffee had some strong memories to live up to and man did it blow me away. I honestly cannot get over the smell!! I can't help it, whenever I open this bag I have to have a sniff, I drink my coffee sniffing before every sip. It truly smells amazing, and the best part about the smell is that it actually translates into true flavour.

Though Beanies did send me this bag to try, I have since picked up the cinder toffee ground coffee from the supermarket (also amazing!), and I am itching to try some more flavours. I currently have Irish coffee, christmas pudding and death by chocolate all sitting in my basket on their website waiting for me to hit the button.


For now I am rapidly working my way through this bag, and finally feeling like i have found my at home coffee fix!


Have you tried Beanies coffee? Do you have any other amazing brands you recommend I try?



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