Lust List - September


Just a few things I have been drooling over online lately. By the time this goes up I might already have the Chanel and the Essie Nail polish as I am popping into Lincoln tomorrow, but the others will probably take a back seat for a while!

1. Chanel Les Beiges in 20. £38 from Boots
I went for a consultation for this back in May just after my birthday and of course they were out of stock, the girl took my name for the waiting list and told me that it would probably be early August before it came in, we are in September and I finally got a call about it last week! Looking forward to this one.

2. Where Chef's Eat. £10.32 from The Book Depository.
 I really want this book, it is basically a restaurant guide with the reviews written by top chef's. I think this is definitely a must have for a foodie but every time I see it in a book shop it has a scuff or a mark on it, and I like to make all of the marks on my books.

3. MuuBaa Nido Leather Jacket. £380 from ASOS.
I am not sure about this one, as it is green, and really I want a black jacket, but I am definitely after a black leather jacket and have been for a long time now. I love the MuuBaa jackets, but they are definite investment pieces.

4. Mulberry Long Locked Purse in Dark Blush. £295 from Mulberry
I have wanted a Mulberry bag for a long time, and until things are looking a bit better at work I will be holding off buying one, but a purse might be a little splurge that I could stretch to for a special occasion like Christmas. I like how different this colour combo is, a warm toned pink with the rose gold coloured postman's lock is distinctive.

5. My Future Listography.  £10.07 from The Book Depository
I have seen this mentioned on a few blogs and had a nosy online and it seems like such a cute idea. I love lists, I'm not that big on writing full diary entries out, but lists I can do! Jotting ideas down into each future planning list as they occur to me sounds like a great idea.

6. Essie Tea and Crumpets Nail Polish. £7.99 from Boots
I have had my eye on this colour for so long, but I have so many nail polishes I have been trying not to buy any lately. Essie is currently on offer at Boots though so I think I shall pick up this one and a creme nude that is slightly warmer than the nudes I currently have. Either that or a warm red for autumn!

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