Late Submission of Homework!

I am officially SO behind on this blog, much has been happening, J came to visit, and so I didn't get much knitting done as time was spent on day trips and things, including going to York where he was dragged to Betty's for dinner :) I did make him a special present of lots of cupcakes:

Actually this one picture doesn't really show the true extent of my gift, this one does:

When I say lots, I mean lots! Obviously the blue ones were for J and the pink for me :) There are lots left because we didn't manage to finish them. Then after this I went back with him to Surrey to stay with his parents where the most amazing thing happened. It was like christmas, a huge pile of yarn plonked on top of the bed! Fab! So now I have several new yarns to play with, all nice merino stuff, in random colours, and i have been allowed to borrow some of his Mum's knitting needles, so now I have a couple of circular ones to play with and some DPN's that have already been put to use. I have matched a couple of the yarns to some Debbie Bliss and some Sublime cashmerino and am using some for one of my projects which I will put up in a sec. While in the lovely south of the country I paid a visit to Bath, which considering I LOVE georgian houses and sash windows, is like my heaven :) This is the Royal Crescent, which is like, amazing! So pretty, I would love to live there, or in the circus, which I also have pics of but I don't want to bore with too many townhouse pictures. I do have a funny one of a man in regency clothes though which just has to be shown! He is wearing pink and purple, i laughed at this quite a lot. So after my lovely bank holiday weekend i had to come back on tuesday, but before i did i managed to pay visits to two yarn shops whose websites i have been browsing every day, Loop in Islington, and iKnit near Waterloo. Both are lovely, i purchased some swallow casein needles from Loop along with some point protectors and my Sublime and Debbie Bliss yarns, and from iKnit i got some Knit Pro DPN's for making some socks :) Here is a picture of the weekends haul, next to my pretty Cath Kidston knitting bag that i got a few weeks ago (also there is my new tape measure that matches :)

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