Goji Camera Bag

A while ago I tweeted about how difficult it is to find a decent camera bag. I had been on the look out for one which wasn't huge and had a bit of style to it, I didn't want to look like an intrepid reporter, I simply wanted a small bag to carry my camera and a lens around in. You would think that this wouldn't be so much to ask, but it seems that if you are in the habit of using a system camera (be it a DSLR or a Compact system camera) you will want to be carrying all of your lenses around at all time so will need to look like a tortoise. Well I would like to say a big "not true camera bag makers!" I have been using my sister's DSLR while she has been at uni, and I carry it around with the kit lens, thats all, and it has been doing fine.

I myself am in the market for a CSC at some point, I like that there isn't a big old mirror to break in them, and have been looking for a little bag that will keep my sisters camera safe for now and be perfect for when I get a CSC. I spent ages trying to find a bag that didn't look too manly, but equally wasn't a handbag with a camera storage compartment, I still wanted a good dose of practicality. Another factor I was considering was price, I really love the Billingham Hadley, but I wasn't willing to cough up that much money when I haven't even got the camera I want yet.


Eventually I came across this one by Goji while actually browsing in Currys, it fitted the bill. The design is quite simple without being too plain, it doesn't have a brand emblazoned across the front advertising what it contains, but also isn't so style driven that it isn't practical, and it came in two colours.
It was labelled as a CSC case, but on their website they also have it under being suitable for DSLR's so I could use it for both. The fabric is hard wearing and wipe clean so would sustain being carted about a bit, and it has both a shorter hand holding strap and an over the shoulder strap too.

The best bit? The price, this bag was only £24.99 so it didn't break the bank.


The bag itself is made up of one large compartment which both zips and clips closed, I often just have it clipped while walking about in case I need to get to anything inside. This main compartment came with two velcro dividers so that you can separate out your body and your lenses. While I have been using it with the DSLR I have only really used one separator because I am lazy and leave the lens on, but the extra space has been handy for my sunglasses case!

The front of the bag also has a small zipped pocket, where I generally keep my card reader, but if I am out and about and don't want to carry another bag with me (such as the trip to Snetterton a few weeks ago) I have popped cash, tissues, phone and all sorts in this pocket so that I don't need my handbag too.


For a bargain bag this one has been great, I have only one fault with it and that is that there is no padding on the long shoulder strap, I would have happily paid a little more for that feature. All round though this is a great little bag for if you don't want to be a pack horse just because you like being a shutterbug.

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