Damson Update

So I have an update on this thing. I have been knitting it all week and I have only just gotten the garter stitch section finished. Why is this you say? Surely it should be finished by now? I had to rip back several rows, twice! Yes, twice! I found I had missed a yarn over once, and the second time my stitch marker had slipped and all of a sudden my yarn overs had moved one stitch over, and sometimes I will do a bodge fix, but I really want this to be right as it is my first shawl. Anyways, here it is.

There is quite a lot of it, which is making it interesting when trying to knit in the sunshine. I am still enjoying it though, even if I do keep making mistakes (which are obviously because I have too short an attention span to make sure I am doing it right!) I am not sure how well this will show up but you can see the two rows of stockinette here, I am rather happy to see that and know that I have the right number of stitches. On the plus side, I learnt how to insert a life line after you have knitted past where you need it, which I imagine will come in handy at some point! I found the video here in the fixing mistakes section, the first ripping back I used a lifeline and the second I simply used a second circular needle instead, which is a really good way to make use of interchangeable needles, because then you just swap the tips when you need to start knitting again, genius! Hopefully this will be all finished in a few days and I can get to blocking it, I bought some special T-pins for the task but I don't have any proper mats, so I shall try on my yoga mat but I might just have to use a towel.

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