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So lets catch up. I've had a very busy year, I wont go into why, but I have done a lot of reading. I have so far this year read 39 books, almost twice the amount I had this time last year. I have been making my own notes about them but I obviously haven't been posting, and I wont promise to for various reasons, but I hope to post a bit more over the next 6 months now things have settled down a bit.

Lets start with what I am currently reading.

As I am sure you are aware Philippa Gregory's The White Queen has been made into a BBC television series, 10 parts I believe. I loved The White Queen and have a review for it here, I also have read The Red Queen, though did not enjoy it as much. The television show is actually bringing together the first four books in the Cousins War series, and as I have only read two, I thought I had better hurry up and catch up to the show.

I am about 3 chapters in to The Lady of the Rivers, which is so far ok, I don't love it as much as The White Queen, nor dislike it as much as The Red Queen.
I shall pass verdict once I have finished.

I have also been really interested in non fiction reads lately, I am not sure what it is about them, as it is only recently (by recent I mean maybe the past year) that I have been drawn to them. I have always been someone who enjoys learning and as I am now out of education I suppose I am fulfilling that desire for knowledge.
Also I will admit I simply like to knows lots of random information so that I can pull it out of my head when everyone else least expects it.

So far Food Myths is interesting, each myth is spoken about for a couple of pages, with some quick key facts at the end. It feels very quick to read because each chapter is essentially one myth.
I am enjoying the writing style, it's to the point and slightly humorous, and I love to know stuff about food.
It is win win!

How about you, what have you been reading lately? Any recommendations for me?

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