It is pretty safe to say that August was a really busy month for me, one of the busiest I have experienced in a long time, and I have found it oh so very hard to get back into my normal routine.


I had a crazy busy month in the shop and received over 50 orders! For only opening in July I was super proud of that, and it kept me really busy. In the run up to my holiday Bert had to be dashed to the Vets as we thought he had lost an eye (he hadn't thankfully!) and we had a major crisis at work and my line manager was on holiday. All pretty stressful stuff. Add a whirlwind holiday on top and you have the recipe for needing a week in bed.


At the moment I find myself sat at the computer staring at it, mind completely blank. I forget to do things, like season the pork for today's dinner. I am really hoping that at some point soon jet lag will finally die a death (today is the first day since I got home where I have actually managed to stay awake through the whole afternoon) I will get back into my work groove and finally start creating again.


I have about 4 different going on holiday posts planned, a Sephora haul, a carry on post etc. I am going to space them out though so this space doesn't get too florida heavy. If you are the sort of person who doesn't holiday much and then oh my god is going on holiday in less than 2 months and hasn't done anything at all, then these will be for you, as that was me in a nutshell. I hadn't been on a flying somewhere holiday for about 7 years, and I chose to try and cram Florida into a week. Mad I know! My experience was that I a) overpacked b) didn't plan enough and c) needed to get far more rest prior to the trip. I will go into it all in another post, but it sure was an experience!


I have put a few things in place ready for that time when my brain will kick into gear and I will start needing to make things. I ordered some studio lights the other day, something I have been considering for a while. Our home, though lovely, isn't ideally suited to taking photos, when I take the shots for my midweek meals series I am actually cooking them on a midweek evening, I often have to adjust the exposure as the evening ticks on. I have also been seriously considering getting back into youtube for a while, mainly to have another outlet for my planner loving side, but there is nowhere I can film with consistent lighting while I spend an hour sticking stickers in my diary, so lights have been purchased, they should be here next week.


Speaking of planner stuff I may have gone a little craft crazy and stocked up on a few art supplies, I have so many ideas bubbling in my head, I just currently lack the concentration to actually doodle them. My shop, which you will now see has a button on the sidebar, will also feature in a special blog post, where I go through how I opened it. I really struggled to find the info i needed when I opened, so I thought talking through my experience would be useful.


So, readers old and new, lots planned, fingers crossed I manage it all this September!


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