April you have been...

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A month of achievements.

Be it creativity at home, progress at work, or simply getting a difficult recipe right, April has been a month full of blooming marvellous moments that have made me feel proud of myself.

For a while I had been feeling quite down and unable to muster myself to move forward with a few things, I have a really difficult job to do at work at the moment, and a massive project is hopefully coming to a close soon so the pressure is really mounting.

The pressure at work really has meant that nothing is currently resolving itself, we are making progress but nothing is complete. Managing to finish tasks at home, such as get this blog really up and running again, and making real steps with the garden, are worth twice as much as they would be usually. There is nothing better than ticking things off a list when you haven't ticked anything off for months.

Hopefully May will see even further achievements, beautiful weather and with many, many days off some special moments to treasure, I hope you will share them with me.

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