Almost done.

My luggage that is, at the moment it is sat with the final panel pinned into place ready for some manic stitching, there is a base in place courtesy of Mum's work and all I have to do is get motivated enough to sit at the machine and do it. I am not feeling particularly motivated at the moment. I have a cold. I know, I know, its only a cold, but I feel awful, yesterday was really bad because it all of a sudden hit me out of nowhere, but today I have gone from stuffy and coughy and things to serious head pain. I am hoping tomorrow it will not hurt as much as I am back at work following my volunteering days, and it will be a saturday, and I am currently to be found in the kids section. On the plus side some good things have coincided with this horrible illness. Yesterday I received an amazing package from a lovely person over on the random acts of kindness forum on Ravelry. This one was just for me, not for the library, but for me, and it had so many nice things I just have to show you. I got necklaces, extra beads and embroidery cotton for embellishing things, sock needles and a pattern (already in use as you shall soon see) lavender sachets which are tucked into my stash so my yarn smells all pretty and a giant quality street, of my favorite one, the one with the caramel with the hazelnut in the middle, YUM! This obviously cheered me up a lot, it is always nice to get something as a treat after you have started a new job which requires you to be up at half 5 and on the bus at 7 in order to get there for 9. It has been a time of transition, and it has been difficult, especially as I wont gain much financially as the transport costs so much money. At the end of the day when I get home I am knackered and so I haven't done much knitting, not even while traveling, I am too tired in the morning and the bus is really crowded at night. However I have used my RAK gift to start my first ever sock for myself, I once started a child's sock but frogged it to make my Bella's mittens, so I don't count that.

I think the yarn is knitting up in a really pretty stripe, because it is hand dyed it isn't perfectly consistent as I imagine a normal one would be, but I really like it, it is also really soft. I am also not entirely sure that I have enough wool to make both socks, so i shall make them not too long up the leg.

I just thought I would put this one in, it is my current diet, I bought 400g of cola bottles the other day, there is still loads left, and we have loads of banana milk (my favorite flavour) from Mum's work :D

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