A Trip to Spurn Point

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Way back on Valentine's day this year, we made a little trek out to Spurn Point. James had been earlier in the month for a car do and I hadn't gone with him, he was exclaiming about the wonderful view and how much I would love it, so he surprised me with a day trip out and insisted we go.

The whole journey there the clouds above seemed to be getting heavier and more ominous, the forecast was far from brilliant and I was wondering if we shouldn't make new plans. We carried on though, James determined that I experience the point. On the final approach the clouds shifted and the sun shone through. It doesn't look it in these pictures but the sky was a lovely blue for most of our visit, and I was so glad that we had continued on.

We arrived, parked the car and set of wandering. I handed James the camera (he doesn't claim to really like photography but he does get snap happy when I hand him the camera, there were lots of pictures of waves!) and simply enjoyed the power of the scenery. Spurn Point is one of those magical points in our landscape where the water crosses in high tide, meaning you can stand in the middle of the small width of beach and on your left have crashing waves thundering onto shore, and on the right completely calm water, safe habitat to sea birds. It was almost eerie how large the contrast on the two sides, especially as you progressed along the point to either side of the ruined wall where the difference really could be felt.

We did a lot of wandering along, admiring the view, collecting pretty rocks and trying not to disturb any habitats. We didn't make it to the end unfortunately, the trip had been a surprise to me until we were on our way so I wasn't wearing the best footwear and at that point my asthma was no where near under control, so I struggled a bit. I am however determined to go back this summer and make it to the end.

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