A Messy Operation

swatching1 I spent a couple of hours swatching all my lipsticks today, I took 117 photographs! 3 of each lipstick.  They're for my top pout posts, first one of 2012 will be up on sunday, and some bad lippy posts too as lord knows there are a good amount of those out there too. As you can see it was quite a messy operation, and it did require a lot of lip balm,  but now all the lip swatches are done it will be a lot easier for me to get the posts written  as the lip swatches are always the most difficult.  I also may have had a little play with photoshop this evening.  I used to know how to do so many great looking tricks with it but haven't really tried for several years, but after following Pugly Pixel for ages I started watching her tutorials and got a few of her web design bits and had a go!  I think it looks quite fun. :) xo
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