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Hello! It is months since I posted, I know. I just logged into blogger and realised I have 3 book reviews already written that I forgot to schedule too, quite frustrating! I am going to update you today on my reading challenge progress, in case you don't follow me on Goodreads,  2012challenge
I stomped all over it last year!  OH YEAHH!!
I read 70 books last year, SEVENTY! My target was 52, a book per week, and I surpassed it several months before the end of the year. I am so proud of myself, considering 2011 was such a fail year for reading I really feel that I have accomplished something by managing to read so many great books. Obviously I didn't come anywhere close to reviewing all of those books and some of them were really great and deserve some attention, so I might do mini reviews with my quick thoughts on them, maybe 5 at a time just so you are up to date. My GoodReads account though is up to date, and all the books I read in 2012 are on the 52 of 2012 bookshelf. I also expanded my horizons last year and ventured into eBooks. 22 of the books I read in 2012 were eBooks, pretty good considering I didn't get my ereader until my birthday in May. It really helped me to change my reading habits, and I have a post about it in draft too which I will post for you soon. I didn't read many of the books currently on my TBR shelves in 2012, mainly because I actually started to use the library again properly. Working there more means that I am constantly finding new books I want to read, at one point I had my limit of 30 books on loan, and a couple on my Mum's card too, and I read 29 library books last year (and still have 20-odd on my shelves that I haven't got around to yet), yay for libraries! So for 2013 I have set myself a new challenge, I am going to try to read 100 books this year, this amounts to about 2 per week, which is very doable (I often finished 3 books a week last year, obviously depending on the length) while still remaining a challenge. Although I have found it a lot easier to read this year, to find time and space to read, the reason blogging fas fallen to the wayside is because reading has taken over quite a lot of my spare time, I am working a lot more than I was this time last year, and have a lot less spare time so I am spending it wisely. Reading is now something I choose over television and often YouTube which is how I want things to be. I have signed up to several yearly challenges as part of the GoodReads 2013 Reading Challenge group and I am trying to read as many books from my TBR shelves as possible to fulfil those challenges. I would love to read at least one quarter of the books on my TBR list (which currently stands at 150 books, yep, thats a lot!) and I really want to tick off some classic novels this year, I own several that I haven't read yet and I really, really want to. So for the forthcoming year, I hope to read 100 books, a good proportion of which are currently sitting unloved on my shelves, and I hope to review them in batches, maybe a weekly, fortnightly or monthly round up would be best. Have you set yourself any reading challenges for 2013?
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