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I hope you all had a great New Year, I have debated whether to set myself any challenges for both this blog and my YouTube this year, as I set some for myself on my other blog and have decided on these two:

Shop my stash
I have so far managed to downsize my makeup collection since my storage video, but I want to do that even more. I really don't feel like I need as much makeup since I successfully completed Roaccutane treatment and I find myself wearing less. Shopping my stash of products should help me to eliminate the products that really don't suit my needs any more, which should show itself in the monthly posts I am going to try and keep up with. I should also be able to identify which of my products are true favourites, and potential holy grail items. I suspect I will always want more lipstick and blusher though!!

Regularly use The Cometics Library for more then just video updates
So far this blog has mainly been for updating my video list and posting the odd nail of the day but I really want to move some of the focus into blog posts as making videos regularly is difficult and time consuming. I have always been more of a writer too so it suits me I think. I will still keep making regular videos, but I aim to shift my empties/project pan continuation to the blog with a post each month, and regularly review items currently in my makeup collection like my lipsticks and blushers. I will probably keep the hauls and the favourites on YouTube though.

So here is to a productive 2012 hopefully! I hope you all share the ride with me.
:) xo

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