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In The Studio

  • This Week

    This week has been one of real achievements for me, I finally feel like I am ready to get back to "normal". I have a bank holiday weekend ahead of me, with little planned, but what is planned will be relaxing, fun and with friends. This is the life I have craved for the past two years and have been too busy worrying about to enjoy.
  • This Week



    So this week has been a mixed bag of highs and lows, I have kept on top of my anxiety consistently and feel strong, however I have had a couple of blips, and I have some big events coming up that I know are going to challenge me, so I am going to try and keep this blogging thing rolling throughout that. Slow and steady wins this particular race at the moment.


    But lets just have a little moment to "Yay!" that in posting this I managed to reach my monthly goal of two posts this month, who knows I might even manage three! I am excited!


    So without further a do, here is what has made this week shine...


    - Laughing out loud.

    I am that person that rarely laughs out loud, I occasionally will do a  sort of Marge Simpson chuckle, but a real belly laugh doesn't happen often for me, especially lately. Well tis past weekend I did a lot of this, we spent the evening in Leeds with some friends to celebrate James's birthday (28! Where have the years gone, one of our friends reminded me he will be 30 next year!) and we had a fab time, eating great food,   bowling (i lost by a large margin), shooting pool and generally having a good time. It was like the ultimate treat for my brain.


    - Capsule Wardobe-ing. Sort of.

    I say sort of because I haven't gone whole hog on this, but I cleared out probably half of my wardrobe in the past week. Got rid of lots of things that no longer fit, were no longer my style and I just didn't reach for. It has been So. Damn. Cleansing. I hadn't realised quite how much I was carrying around with me just by owning lots of clothing that didn't make me feel happy.

    I haven't gone so far as to take out of season things out of my wardrobe because our weather is so changeable but it is nice to look in there and know that I am happy to wear everything.


    - Finding my planner groove, and creating new designs.

    I am going to try really hard not to turn this whole blog into planner central, because the whole point of a lifestyle blog is that it covers multiple topics, but I am really loving my setup right now and am seriously considering doing a post or video about it. Going back to the DIY inserts i mentioned in my last post has been like coming home, they are perfectly tailored for how my mind works and I do a little happy dance whenever I use them. Something about this just makes me want to create, I have always been a creative person but right now I find myself reaching for a pen whenever I have a minute of downtime and that never fails to bring a smile to my face.


    - US P.O.Boxes

    This is a weird one and completely superficial but if, like me, you are always lusting after things that do not ship out of the continental US, you need to check out Vyking Ship. They effectively provide you with a US address, you have all your bits and bobs sent to it and they consolidate them and send them on to you. It is absolutely fantastic for those items you have to remove from your cart because they don't ship them overseas. I have used a couple of these companies for materials for the shop and by far Vyking Ship is the best, their customer service is amazing, they photograph everything they receive at no extra cost and the forwarding costs so far have been the cheapest. (This isn't sponsored, but if you do want to set up an account with them you can get $5 off your first shipment by putting 4159 in the referral box) It is life changing! Currently I have Rifle Paper Co, Papersource, Sephora and Madewell orders planned for after my Birthday.


    - Healthy eating. Big time!

    This one sort of leads on from my last one where I mentioned my morning smoothie. James and I have made a promise to ourselves that we are going to make more of an effort to eat clean. We aren't going full on whole30 or back to paleo, but we are making sure at least half of our weeknight meals are healthier. So far I am loving Jamie's Everyday Super Food, Anna Jones's A Modern Way To Cook and River Cottage Veg Everyday for this, and we picked up Cook Nourish Glow last week while grocery shopping to dip into as well. You know when James lets me buy a healthy cookbook during the weekly shop that it has got serious!

    This weekend I will be:

    Reading: The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window and Disappeared - I have joined a new reading group so I am reading this in readiness!

    Eating: Tea and Cake, James and I are having a little day out sofa shopping on saturday and have already decided we will have a little treat in the middle.

    Spending my time: In the down moments I plan to organise my recipe books (possibly a post to come there) and making note of all our favourite recipes and which page they are on because it is a pain to try and remember where each one is. This blog isn't called The Librarian for nothin'!

    Have a fantastic weekend! :)

  • This Week



    This week has been really interesting for me, I have felt happy and light and in control in a way I haven't for a very long time, so I wanted to document those happy moments with a post to ease myself back into things a bit. Here is what has made me happy this week.


    - The Sunshine! There is absolutely no doubt that sunshine has been a big contributor to my mood this week, it has felt bright and like spring is nearly here, and i cannot get enough of that feeling.


    - Lemon water and green smoothies. I have been trying to get myself back on track for the past month health wise, i have been cycling on our indoor bike most days and going for the odd walk when it wasn't too damp or wet (asthma hell when it is!) but still something wasn't quite right and in my heart of hearts i knew it was what i was putting into my body. I had been watching a few of Ashley from That is All's videos on youtube as we share a love for Rifle Paper Co. and she mentioned a while back that she had started a detox plan where she was drinking lemon water in the morning and shared a recipe for a great green smoothie. Now i love baked goods far too much to go whole hog on this but i have implemented drinking lemon water on the regular and making sure i have a few green smoothies a week and I am feeling full of energy so I will be keeping it up!


    - Planning in my Kikki K planner. I received my Kikki K wellness planner at the beginning of February and it has taken me a while to figure out how i wanted to set it up. I knew i didn't want to use the inserts that came in it as I am using a smaller planner as a wellness planner, but what i really love are the Inkwell Press inserts, unfortunately they 1. don't currently ship to the UK and 2. are completely sold out, so I had to improvise.

    After a lot of mooching on pinterest and instagram i think i have it just how i want it. I made myself some watercolour and floral themed inserts and used Rifle Paper Co  wrapping paper (bought from MoonKo, my new favourite shop in Sheffield) to make dividers and I think I have found peace. I still love my Erin Condren planners for journalling and memory keeping, but day to day I am loving my Kikki K! As soon as Inkwell press release new inserts though i am on that!!


    - Finding my reading mojo again. This is the big one really, I have really let my reading habit slip over the past few months, and when i was reading I wasn't enjoying it as much, i didn't become deeply emersed in the fictional world while reading which is the thing i love most about it. Over the past few weeks I have read some great books that have got me back into that groove, and I am back to updating my Goodreads again. Mainly I have been reading on my iPad but I have also been loving audiobooks for while my hands are busy or i am driving, I am currently working my way through the Harry Potter books using Audible, I signed up and got a free first credit and now I am officially hooked!


    This weekend I will be:

    Reading: Moon over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch, its a real hoot!

    Eating: Cinnamon rolls, I have been meaning to bake them for weeks!

    Spending my time: Relaxing with family, my sister and her partner and my aunt are back home to visit so we have a family meal to cook and its mothers day!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend!





  • On 2015 from 2016


    So in case you missed it, I have been a little absent lately, if you follow my social media it may not have appeared so, but definitely in this little space I have been. I wasn't sure whether to write about it or not because I generally try and keep this a jolly little place but I realised that in order for 2016 to be different I need to discuss what happened, I need to process how I have been affected and develop a way to control it. Also being honest, blogging is one of my "homeworks" (I'll get into that more soon).


    For pretty much the whole of 2015 I had been struggling with ever increasing stress. I can't remember when it started, probably I have been stressed for a long time but over the past year it has continued to increase, and has now morphed into anxiety. I know anxiety seems to be the thing to have at the moment, but I wanted to share my experience. As young professionals it is so easy to become overwhelmed, and it is important to understand your limits.



    You may recall that at the end of 2014 I had a major allergic reaction, I had hives covering my whole body and was in A&E twice in 24 hours unable to breathe., as a result of that I have been on a high dose of anti-histamines ever since. That allergic reaction also triggered (I'm not a doctor so forgive me if this is wrong, but it is my understanding) underlying mild asthma, previously so mild i didn't even know i had it, and made it into a roaring monster, that was why I couldn't breathe.


    It took several months to try and sort out my medication, get me to the point where I could breathe when outside in the cold, and still now if it rains my capacities are vastly reduced. My fitness was obliterated but me being me I kept trying to find ways I could keep moving, countryside walks, cycling in the summer, and an exercise bike for the colder damper days.


    Now I can understand why you may be thinking "so what?" at this point, lots of people have asthma, but to go from being perfectly healthy and full of life to not even being able to go out to the dustbin without taking your inhaler is hard. Really hard. All of this I generally managed, I am a highly organised individual and I generally had a schedule to manage.


    On top of my health issues I was also going through a crazy time at work, I've mentioned several times about big projects I had been working on, and they have been constant for the past year, the past 6 months particularly so. I had also been covering two full time jobs, my own and a maternity leave cover, and although I do not blame my work because we were all very stretched and understaffed, I did not have enough support.


    I went on holiday at the end of August, a trip which should have been a break, a trip my family and I have been dreaming of for years, but as we were going to Florida it was pretty full on. We crammed as much into a week as possible, and the combination of exhaustion, jet lag and working right up until the night before we flew left me spinning out of control. My carefully maintained control over my world was thrown out of balance and as much as i desperately attempted to claw it back I could not.



    My stress levels were so high  when i came back from my holiday that I kept believing I was having asthma attacks, which turned out to be panic attacks and eventually I was so unable to cope that i broke down and sobbed in the stack at work with my team around me. They were amazing, and told me enough was enough and it was time to do something about the situation. I couldn't cope, I had lost all concentration and my memory was a black hole.


    After seeing my doctor they diagnosed work based stress and I had to be referred to occupational health, work were pretty good at this point, I was determined to keep going for as long as I could because the nature of my job is that if I am not there to do it there is no-one else to pick up the slack, It is just waiting when you come back so taking time off just made me panic all the more. Carefully I managed my workload and learnt to delegate and prioritise it properly. Now two months on I am awaiting my first CBT appointment, my workload has been reduced by my maternity leave colleague returning and I am beginning to know when I am pushing myself too hard.



    Throughout all of this I lost the ability to do the things I loved, the only one I kept up was my Etsy shop (because I knew if i closed that I would be admitting defeat) I stopped blogging, I stopped reading, I stopped baking or cooking anything except a cycle of repeated basics. My personal library grew dusty and for the first time in my life I could be found sitting staring mindlessly at the television for stretches at a time (I'm really not a TV person, this was a bad sign!)



    As part of my CBT homework getting back to those things I love is on the cards, I have spent my christmas break reading christmas mysteries, baking cookies and mince pies and dipping my toe back into the online world in a real way. I have filmed a few snippets of my break which I hope to turn into a vlog (though I don't talk in it, because I forgot to, duh!) and maybe that will be something that will develop a little more during 2016. I am thriving designing items for my shop and hope to grow into making greetings cards this year, and finally, I want to write. I want to share adventures and happy moments and I hope that you will share with me.


    See you soon!


  • August...


    It is pretty safe to say that August was a really busy month for me, one of the busiest I have experienced in a long time, and I have found it oh so very hard to get back into my normal routine.


    I had a crazy busy month in the shop and received over 50 orders! For only opening in July I was super proud of that, and it kept me really busy. In the run up to my holiday Bert had to be dashed to the Vets as we thought he had lost an eye (he hadn't thankfully!) and we had a major crisis at work and my line manager was on holiday. All pretty stressful stuff. Add a whirlwind holiday on top and you have the recipe for needing a week in bed.


    At the moment I find myself sat at the computer staring at it, mind completely blank. I forget to do things, like season the pork for today's dinner. I am really hoping that at some point soon jet lag will finally die a death (today is the first day since I got home where I have actually managed to stay awake through the whole afternoon) I will get back into my work groove and finally start creating again.


    I have about 4 different going on holiday posts planned, a Sephora haul, a carry on post etc. I am going to space them out though so this space doesn't get too florida heavy. If you are the sort of person who doesn't holiday much and then oh my god is going on holiday in less than 2 months and hasn't done anything at all, then these will be for you, as that was me in a nutshell. I hadn't been on a flying somewhere holiday for about 7 years, and I chose to try and cram Florida into a week. Mad I know! My experience was that I a) overpacked b) didn't plan enough and c) needed to get far more rest prior to the trip. I will go into it all in another post, but it sure was an experience!


    I have put a few things in place ready for that time when my brain will kick into gear and I will start needing to make things. I ordered some studio lights the other day, something I have been considering for a while. Our home, though lovely, isn't ideally suited to taking photos, when I take the shots for my midweek meals series I am actually cooking them on a midweek evening, I often have to adjust the exposure as the evening ticks on. I have also been seriously considering getting back into youtube for a while, mainly to have another outlet for my planner loving side, but there is nowhere I can film with consistent lighting while I spend an hour sticking stickers in my diary, so lights have been purchased, they should be here next week.


    Speaking of planner stuff I may have gone a little craft crazy and stocked up on a few art supplies, I have so many ideas bubbling in my head, I just currently lack the concentration to actually doodle them. My shop, which you will now see has a button on the sidebar, will also feature in a special blog post, where I go through how I opened it. I really struggled to find the info i needed when I opened, so I thought talking through my experience would be useful.


    So, readers old and new, lots planned, fingers crossed I manage it all this September!


  • This week...or two



    Good Morning everyone! (it is just about morning) How are you all?

    Man have the past few weeks been hectic, I opened a shop, I have had multiple sales in said shop, I had no internet for a whole 4 days because someone cut the lines, I am considering making youtube videos again (if you are from really far back in the day, we are talking years, I used to do youtube) there have been celebrations with friends and family, days out and a whole lot of work, crowned with a miserable sick day last monday. It has been a bit of a whirlwind, but I have to admit I have never felt this good about what I am doing with my life, I feel creative and productive in new ways, I have realised that I am actually really good at something (drawing) and people like my stuff. Nothing can really explain how happy that has made me.

    Today is a glorious day and I shall be spending most of it inside, unfortunate but necessary, as I have taken a long weekend off from work in order to get stuff done. I have a mountain of tasks I need to sort out for my shop, I am taking a break from finishing off my latest design as we speak (read?) and I have the mammoth task of getting ready for my summer holiday, which is in T-minus 22 days and I have nothing sorted, I haven't even made a list! I will be heading to my Mum's in a bit to sort out seats and boarding passes and what on earth I need to be taking with me, I am really so not a holiday person, I have been watching every holiday packing and carry on packing video on youtube, and maybe a few USA hauls to get ideas too. ; )



    So a few things lately that have really made me euphorically happy:


    - Opening my Easy shop, I went from "oh maybe i will do that" to "its open!" in the space of about a week, as an eternal procrastinator on the big things in life I honestly never really thought I would do it until I had done, it is the first time in my life I have really acted on a big complicated decision and I am so glad I did. Mr Branson was always one of my Dad's idols, and my Dad always used to get on at us to take chances and always say yes, I like to think he would be very proud of what I am doing right now.


    - Sausage dogs, we visited our friends in Norfolk the other weekend and they have the most adorable sausages, and now I really really want one!


    - Watercolour painting, I have never been one for paint, I am more of a doodler, but I have developed i real love for the soft edges of watercolour. I am planning a couple of little homey DIY's featuring the stuff.


    - Lemon Vanilla Frappuccino's, I am almost ashamed to admit how many of these I have consumed in the past 2 weeks (five...) If you love lemon curd, lemon cheesecake, anything lemony and sweet, get yourself to Starbucks pronto!


    - Lots of lovely new readers, It always gives me a little smile to get my Bloglovin' update! Welcome, have a seat, would you like a cup of tea and a biccy?


    - Music! I have always loved music, I am a listener rather than a player, but i recently invested in a new set of headphones as Bert chewed through the wire on my old ones. I now have a new love and I will be featuring my favourite ways to listen in a special post on sunday.


    - Spending time with my family, it was my Grandma's 80th birthday a couple of weekends ago, and it is rare for us all to get together. We had a gorgeous meal, there was a beautiful cake, and we all gathered the next day in my Grandma's front room just like when we were little. It warms my heart.


    - The cups of tea that periodically arrive at my desk while I beaver away. I am eternally grateful for that man of mine, he has always said I should sell my creations and I never took him seriously, he is being very supportive about how time consuming setting up has been and I love him for it.


    - Bert is officially a grown up cat, he had his first successful hunt the other day, and although i was grossed out and don't deal well with small dead rodents, I also felt quite proud, he has really developed from being the meekest creature ever into being a proper cat.


    - Author talks in cosy settings. I went to see one of my favourite local authors (David Mark, brilliant crime writer if you are in the market for something new) speak at Lindum books last week, I have seen him before but he is always a joy, he is brutally honest about other authors, always has funny anecdotes to share and is so full of energy. Definitely worth checking out.


    - My cousin visiting from New Zealand, we only see him about once a year, and he is always a hoot to be around!


    - Tiny raspberries and Blueberries, perfectly ripe. I honestly thought I would get fruit from my plants this year, although they are only small harvests, they were delicious.


    - Sending good old fashioned snail mail to my sister in New Jersey, all too often we iMessage, email or catch up via snapchat, it was nice to write to her.


    This weekend I will be:

    Reading: Something fluffy, I have finished my super secret project I have been working on so I can get back to normal reading!

    Eating: Healthily, time to enjoy summer's harvest.

    Doing: Visiting the angel of the north, fingers crossed the weather holds out!

    Spending: lots of money on Holiday stuff I imagine!!


    I am sure I could ramble on about more, but I will stop there for this update, fingers crossed I can get back in the swing of things, I have missed these little posts :)

    Have a great weekend!

  • Lincoln Castle + 1940's Weekend

      lincoln40s1 lincoln40s2 lincoln40s3 lincoln40s4 lincoln40s5 lincoln40s6 lincoln40s7 lincoln40s8 lincoln40s9 lincoln40s10 lincoln40s12 lincoln40s13 lincoln40s14 lincoln40s11



    Skirt :: Boden | Tee :: Gap | Shoes :: Clarks | Sunnies :: Chanel (Similar) | Cardi :: Old



    A few weekends back, on a glorious sunny June day James and I headed into Lincoln intent on wandering around the cathedral quarter, for it was the 40's weekend, and it was set to be a good one!


    We set off fairly early, parked up and set off up steep hill, admiring the taped up windows, period dress and quaint window displays. We had to stop off for some homemade fudge at Roly's after sniffing it being freshly cut on the way past.




    Our ultimate goal was to head to the Castle. I had been really feeling like I missed out having already had plans on the day that Libraries and Heritage staff got to visit for free prior to opening and had a hankering to visit. When you hear so much about a project you want to see the end product! We had a wander around the vehicles parked at the top of the hill, I posed next to a lorry like the one my grandma drove in the war (awful picture, won't be sharing!) and admired an old Lincolnshire stagecoach bus before heading over to the castle.



    The grounds are free to enter, so lovely if you just fancy sitting on the lawn and enjoying an ice cream. If however you want to walk the walls, visit the victorian prison or see the Magna Carta you have to pay. Tickets are tiered, but honestly the best value is to just get the all in ticket!


    We ended up purchasing the Castle and Cathedral tickets, I have always wanted to go see the Wren library at the Cathedral and have yet to manage it. It has funny opening hours and, determined to do it this year, I figured if we already had the tickets it would remove a hurdle. The Castle and Cathedral tickets set us back £16 per person, but they also include a return trip within 6 months, obviously we only live 20 miles away so we will be taking advantage.



    We started with a stroll around the walls, the view was spectacular! We climbed the turret, saw the graves in Lucy Tower (where they used to do the hangings) and even spotted a couple having their wedding pictures taken. I absolutely loved this part of the trip, there are little boards telling you little details all the way round, the tree in the middle of Lucy Tower was a surprise, and the tranquility in the little room below the turret was serene.


    I think the couple having their pictures taken really lucked out, it is probably the best place in the whole city. Right at the front you have an amazing view of the cathedral, and while we were up there we also got a fly past of the Dakota, prizes for best wedding picture of the year would definitely be heading their way!



    After we had our fill of the view, I was desperate to go to Prison, to visit of course! Lincoln's retired victorian prison is pretty special as it was built during the hight of the separate system. The prisoners were kept separated always, during exercise (in the crescent shaped yard) and even while in the chapel. It was a bit eerie to imagine that they would have been preached to while confined in wooden boxes.


    This all went to pot when they ended up with too many prisoners of course! One of the things that struck me was how similar to the modern prison it was, though just smaller, there were hardly any cells at all. Of course they didn't have a prison library, but the prisoners were taught to read and write while there, so that little pile of books did give me a little smile.



    The last part we stopped in on was the Magna Carta. I have never really been that fascinated by it, but honestly I think i just didn't know the story. The dramatisation in the theatre is brilliant, especially for helping keep track of which king was which. Guides were on hand to point out the little details too. I love that we know that the Lincoln Magna Carta was definitely destined for Lincoln and not simply pinched as it has "Lincolnia" written on the back, as you would an address. I was struck by how small it was, and of course we got to discussing the one that has recently been found with the guides. I know from experience that cathedrals are notorious for having sprawling collections and no records, so who knows how many will have survived tucked inside other volumes in years to come!



    I am really looking forward to heading back, which is not something I would usually say when it comes to visiting an attraction. The wall walk alone is worth another visit. If you have a weekend spare and fancy a trip to Lincoln make sure you add this to your list!


  • This Week



    Hello everyone, happy Friday!


    Friday this week is sort of lost on me, as I decided on Wednesday to take the rest of the week off. I had accrued a lot of time in lieu working on my big project, and it is now pretty much complete (Yay!!) so as exhaustion was about to hit I decided I needed to have a bit of a break. So today feels like Sunday, hope you all had a great weekend! ;)


    These two days have been invaluable though, I got to claim back some much needed sleep, work on a few home things that needed doing (my mangetout are out of control, they needed reigning back in big time!) and it gives me a chance to get back into my blog schedule. I have so many food posts coming your way over the next few weeks you would be forgiven for thinking that all I do is eat, I also have a couple of fun days out I documented that I want to share too.



    So without further ado, here are a few of the best moments of this past week:



    - Saturday night BBQ's with friends (though we missed those who couldn't join us) ending in s'mores made with homemade graham crackers.



    - The combination of exhaustion and exhilaration I felt Tuesday when all the boxes were packed, labelled and lined up to come back to my office, I cannot explain it, except that if you have ever moved house it is fairly similar.



    - Baby kittens Olive and Daisy, who I met last night and was too busy cuddling to take pictures of, they are adorable and now I want to get Bert a friend.



    - The first ripened strawberry from my plants, I was so excited to see it, and since I plucked this little guy from the stem more have ripened too! A large vat of cream is in order.



    - The bunch of flowers waiting for me when I got home Tuesday, James never fails to surprise me.



    - Whizzing up homemade hollandaise in the blender for poached eggs on muffins. Breakfast of kings.



    - All the lovely new Bloglovin followers, hello, and welcome!



    This weekend I will be:

    Reading: Blog posts, time for catch up and comment time!

    Listening: I'm a little obsessed by the new song by The Weekend, he sounds exactly like Michael Jackson and I am baffled every single time I hear it.

    Doing: Possibly a visit to Lincoln Cathedral, definitely more bike rides.

    Hope you all have a great weekend, lets hope the weather holds out and stays glorious!

  • This Week


    A bumper this week for you today as I missed last friday. The past two weeks have been one word, hectic!

    I am sort of in the eye of the storm for the big project I have been working on, half way there and the past few days have been all about getting ready for the next leg, which i know if going to be super tiring.


    At home I have been working on something new. I have always been a stationery nerd, I have mentioned my filofax and how much I love it to blog plan before. I have always made my own inserts, but recently I have branched into making my own decorative stickers too. I have been ordering them online for ages and the shipping from the states is extortionate, ten packs of stickers from Etsy actually covers the cost of my die cutting machine alone! I finally made my first sheet with the correct cutting settings last night and I am so proud!

    James went galavanting last week, he was at Le Mans with work as his boss was in the legends race. It was the first time we have been apart for more than a night since we moved in together and it was honestly weird. I found myself not realising what time it was, and missing the company quickly. He had a great time, came back lobster red, and it was an experience not many get to have so for a huge Le Mans fan it was a dream for him.


    Here are a few things that have made me happy this fortnight:


    - Ice cream, and fruit smoothies, I got a box of 7 mangoes for £4 last weekend from Sainsbury's, my freezer is overflowing!


    - High fives after a job well done, teamwork really is so satisfying and I have one of the best teams around.


    - James walking back through the door after being away, just sitting down with a cup of tea and updating each other about all that had happened, I missed him so.


    - Bert looking out his little door at the outside world, he is convinced it is a window just the right hight for him.


    - My Mum inviting me around for tea after James had been gone a few days. It was so nice to spend a bit of Mum - daughter time, and we had fish and chips!!


    - Waking up to find my sourdough starter bubbling away. Post to come soon!


    - Driving over the Humber Bridge on Sunday, I have never driven over before and it really is a beautiful little drive.


    - Doodling, if I thought mindful adult colouring was fun, its nothing on doodling my own little designs and then sticking them in my diary. My next challenge is to draw a teacup, not as simple as it sounds!


    - Admiring everything in the summer sales, I am on a no spend now until my holiday in August, all I am allowed to buy is things I will need, like shorts. Summer dresses are not really suited to rollercoasters.



    This weekend I will be:

    Reading: Lots and Lots, I have been invited to be on the panel for something and have 5 proofs sat waiting to be devoured.

    Listening : James Bay, can't get enough of him!

    Watching: The Good Wife, Mum and I started it when I went round for tea and I am hooked! Thanks for the heads up Rosie!

    Eating: BBQ, Please hold up English weather!!

    How has your fortnight been? Have you done anything fun? Let me know in the comments :)

  • A Trip to Spurn Point

    librarain-spurn-point3 librarain-spurn-point3 librarian-spurn-point1 librarian-spurn-point1 librarian-spurn-point2 librarian-spurn-point2 librarian-spurn-point4 librarian-spurn-point4 librarian-spurn-point5 librarian-spurn-point5 librarian-spurn-point7 librarian-spurn-point7 librarian-spurn-point8 librarian-spurn-point8 librarian-spurn-point6 librarian-spurn-point6

    Coat :: Barbour | Top :: Gap | Jeans :: Next 

    Scarf :: Zara (old) | Boots :: Kurt Geiger (old) | Bag :: Mulberry

    Way back on Valentine's day this year, we made a little trek out to Spurn Point. James had been earlier in the month for a car do and I hadn't gone with him, he was exclaiming about the wonderful view and how much I would love it, so he surprised me with a day trip out and insisted we go.

    The whole journey there the clouds above seemed to be getting heavier and more ominous, the forecast was far from brilliant and I was wondering if we shouldn't make new plans. We carried on though, James determined that I experience the point. On the final approach the clouds shifted and the sun shone through. It doesn't look it in these pictures but the sky was a lovely blue for most of our visit, and I was so glad that we had continued on.

    We arrived, parked the car and set of wandering. I handed James the camera (he doesn't claim to really like photography but he does get snap happy when I hand him the camera, there were lots of pictures of waves!) and simply enjoyed the power of the scenery. Spurn Point is one of those magical points in our landscape where the water crosses in high tide, meaning you can stand in the middle of the small width of beach and on your left have crashing waves thundering onto shore, and on the right completely calm water, safe habitat to sea birds. It was almost eerie how large the contrast on the two sides, especially as you progressed along the point to either side of the ruined wall where the difference really could be felt.

    We did a lot of wandering along, admiring the view, collecting pretty rocks and trying not to disturb any habitats. We didn't make it to the end unfortunately, the trip had been a surprise to me until we were on our way so I wasn't wearing the best footwear and at that point my asthma was no where near under control, so I struggled a bit. I am however determined to go back this summer and make it to the end.

  • This Week

    librarian-this-week13 librarian-this-week13

    Coming to you a little later this week, no real reason, I just hadn't decided what I was going to say yet.

    This week has been a real rollercoaster, I had some pretty low days the beginning of the working week, a bit of a pain after having a brilliant weekend. The back end of this week though I have really started to feel like I am back in control of things, I got loads done at work, had some really productive meetings, and the first phase of the big project I have been working on is now in motion and so far has gone without a hitch.

    I am the first to admit I can be a control freak at times, so when things aren't perfectly arranged I get a bit stressy. It has been nice to get back to being calm and controlled. I have also come up with a new way to plan my blog posts and get things organised too, which is really helping. I am planning a weekend full of sourdough starter growing, gardening, and relaxation. The weather is supposed to be wonderful so I hope it lives up to it!

    Here are a few of the little things that have perked up my week:

    -  My hoover being returned on Monday was no joke one of the happiest moments, I hate a messy house, and I have a cat that sheds and my other half works with cars, it is a constant battle and without my favourite weapon I was a bit lost. I felt zen upon its return and I know that is oh so sad!

    - On said Monday, I worked from home, and I really did miss getting to make proper coffee for the rest of the week. At the moment I am working my way through a bag of The Lincoln Coffee Company's espresso roast and I love it for flat whites.

    - Perfectly ripe cherries with breakfast, I even love the process of pitting them by hand.

    - Bert was exposed to catnip for the first time the other day and it was so cute to watch! He loved the stuff!!

    - James and I wandered the castle walls in Lincoln last weekend, it was a beautiful day, the view was fantastic and we were up there for the fly over by the Dakota, which was wonderful to see. The best bit of it though was spotting a couple having their wedding photographs taken on the walls in front of the cathedral as the plane went over, you could just tell they would be beautiful :)

    - Popping to a local hangout for tea and cake on Wednesday evening with James, it isn't something we would usually do midweek, and it really helped put me in a good mood for the next few days, the lemon cake I scoffed was delicious too!

    - My veggies in the garden are doing really really well, I am so proud! I think I will be overrun with beetroot though, better get planning some recipes.

    This weekend I will be:

    Reading : Some manuscripts for a top secret project I have been invited to contribute to, very excited about them!

    Eating: Hopefully some home made ice cream

    Doing: Visiting the Garden show at the Showgrounds, with my mum. I'm hoping she will help me navigate the crazy world of plant choosing!

    I hope you all have a great weekend, let me know if you have anything fun planned :)

  • Happy Bert Day!

    librarian-bert-day1 librarian-bert-day1 librarian-bert-day2 librarian-bert-day2 librarian-bert-day3 librarian-bert-day3 librarian-bert-day4 librarian-bert-day4

    Today is all about gratuitous cat pictures, because it is Bertie's first birthday! Happy birthday fluff ball!

    I love looking back through these pictures, for a ginger tom he is fairly small for being fully grown, but it is nice to remember just how tiny he used to be. Picture number two up there he is sat on James' shoulder.

    Even though he is a big boy cat now and goes out into the garden (no joke it has taken him a whole year to brave this, and he still hasn't realised that his cat flap is a door not a window) he will always be my ball of kitten fluff.

    Happy first Bert Day riddles, and thank you for the past year of adventures xx